Episode 488: Red’s Bad Humor

Have you ever had one of those friends who tires to make everything anyone says into a sexual joke? Yeah, Red is that guy this episode. Though you can’t blame the guy entirely, he did go see the god awful “Sausage Party” this past week. At least Ryo takes it all in stride, but then again she has been writing poetry about her dreamy sensei.  This week your two hosts got news on One Punch Man and Love Hotels, and finish off with reviews of Log Horizon’s second season and Oshiete! Galko-chan. Let’s get it on!

Show Notes


Intro – “database” by Man With A Mission ft. Takuma from Log Horizon
Outro – “Me!Me!Me!, Pt. 3 (feat. Daoko)” by TeddyLoid from Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition (feat. Dwango / Khara BGM Series)


Log Horizon Second Series – Netflix

Oshiete! Galko-chan – Download Now


Two Punch Man

Mech Pilots

Manga Rivalries

Loooove Hotel


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2 Replies to “Episode 488: Red’s Bad Humor”

  1. Ryo, do you think we can convince Red to read a doujinshi that is not about tits, ass, or reproductive organs?

    You were both right on the whole millennials thing. If you were born anywhere between the early 1980s and 2000s, you are a millennial. I know no one wants to be a millennial, but I think both of you and probably half your audience are millennials.

    The generation after that are called founders. What are they founding? I guess a post apocalyptic America once we vote in our next president.

    Galko-chan was such a refreshing anime. There is no anime that talks about things that real high school kids are talking about. Normally, it’s cute girls talking about cute things, and occasionally molesting each others’ oppai.

    I hope Red gets a job soon, because who gets cranky about a Seth Rogen movie?

    1. You’re old, Red. Deal with it. ;P And yeah, you’re a Millennial, the teens that were in the theater with you are Millennials, I’m a Millennial (albeit a leading edge one, just missed the Gen X cutoff); we’re all terrible and everyone hates us. Oh well!

      Wait, after Millennial is “founders?” Dude, that’s so much cooler and more significant sounding! Not fair.

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