Popcorn Pulse 57: Ghost Dawn

As we didn’t attend the yearly pilgrimage to the San Diego, as press, we aren’t dedicating an entire show to recapping. Weltall did go solo and was able to note a few major changes. Such as the complete absence of con funk! And if you didn’t know we were lying, you’ve never been to a con. Weltall does report improved crowd control and access which has smoothed things out quite a bit.

The joint discussion is on a relic from the nineties, From Dusk Til Dawn(1996). It features George Clooney attempting menace while Quentin Tarantino tries to swallow Selma Hayek’s right foot. We decided that the movie has a point where Quentin lost interest and just said “fuck it, everybody turns into vampires and dies.” A mister R.R. Martin would probably mistake the end for a wedding if he glanced up at it.

Weltall then takes on a brief comparison of the now two Ghostbusters’ universe. While neither Tim nor Weltall can agree to the placement of the ‘84 version on a chart of eighties comedies, both agree that the sequel is still the lowest point in the franchise. Weltall’s take was that the trailers are a bunch of lying trollops who need to shut their diseased mouths if they don’t want to to end up in the trunk of an 87 Mercury Sable, driven into the lake.

Tim then talks about Synchronicity[2016]. It’s well budgeted science fiction film and can, therefore, only be focused on two topics well within the comfort zone of a studio exec. If you flipped a coin and guessed it was about time travel, the law of averages are still working. In spite of the trope being flattened into a parking lot for the new Star Trek universe, it’s done well enough that Tim doesn’t bitch about it any more than anything else he does.

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2 Replies to “Popcorn Pulse 57: Ghost Dawn”

  1. Roads are pretty dark where I live. 😛
    I would be down with A being “Ah-ha” like the band and I like bacon. 😉
    Also “Zee’s dead, baby. Zee’s dead,” doesn’t work as well. 😛

  2. At 4:48

    If “Perk-Pack” meaning:

    *of possibly 3+*
    -Baskball shorts
    -Messenger Bag
    -AP/MP Skateboard Deck
    -Member only discount code
    -Contest Raffle Entry
    -Flash Drives(Tim’s Works / Weltall’s Domination Plans)
    -[ Insert Stochastic f(x) ]

    I’m in.
    UN: SurfNmodder4

    We need details!

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