Manga Pulse 357: Nani Fury

The phrase light novel conjurers up awful images around here at Manga Pulse. While we normally stick to mangas, we haven’t been above reading translated novels for review. This usually ends in headaches as they’re poorly plotted and translated with less than three quarters ass but more than one third.

As such, Tim was hesitant to review a manga based on a light novel. Kumo desu Ga, Nani ka which Tim says may or may not translate to “So I’m a Spider now, so what?” Something happens and out main character ends up as a spider in a world that operates under videogame logic. It follows her as she levels up and learns the rules of her new life. It’s done so well it earns a Read it Now.

Weltall then does Chihayafuru. As it happens when a full moon strikes our fancy, we pick up a sports manga. This isn’t about an athletic sport this time. It’s based on a card game, Karuta. A card game that has a lot of variations and isn’t terribly exciting. For the sin of boredom and unlikable characters, it receives a Burn It.

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