Episode 500: Return of the Ichigo

In this episode of Anime Pulse, special guest Ichigo tells us a little bit about what has been going on with his life and what his future is looking like. Red and Ryo are there too, and they chime in to let us know whats been going on with them and how they got their start on Anime Pulse. We answer some questions from our listeners, read a letter from TC, and share some laughs. It’s the 500th episode of Anime Pulse!

Show Notes


Intro – “Tank!” by 菅野よう子 from Cowboy Bebop

Outro – “Neko Mimi Mode” by Dimitri from Paris from Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase

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5 Replies to “Episode 500: Return of the Ichigo”

  1. Hi ichigo!
    Lurking here to catch up with what youve been up to. We used to fansub dramas together. 🙂 nice to see youre doing well!

  2. I tuned into this episode and enjoyed it! It was the first episode I’ve heard with Ryo as co-host, so I might have been absent for a while.

    It was great to hear an update on how both Ichigo and TC are doing! Thank you both for being reachable for this incredible milestone.

    I found it adorable to hear how Ichigo reacts when his son asks if he can read Japanese. 😀

  3. Don’t be a Bladeist, Ichigo! Geez, the dude comes back, and he’s attacking half-vampires!

    Good to have the old man back, and good to get updates on everything. Oh, and now I know where After Dark went!

  4. what is up ICHIGO
    it is me NDWW Nicholas D. wolfwood
    the traveling Priest of AP

    what is your twitter or fb page?

    or just Pm thought the board later
    Death god or soul Reper

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