Episode 506: Danchigai no Italian

Anime Pulse is back to reviews, with Red and Ryo reviewing two short anime this episode. First up is IRL news about Ryo’s quest for cash, and Red’s adventures in being interviewed. Then there’s two polls this week for Industry News, one about hot springs and the other about Mahouka. And finally are the reviews with Ryo gobbling up Piace: Watashi no Italian, and Red giving a meh to Danchigai.

Show Notes


Intro – “Gently Mischief” by Sora Tokui from Danchigai

Outro – “Honjitsu no Tobikiri Buono! by Morina Nanase from Piace: Watashi no Italian


Piace: Watashi no Italian – Download Now

Danchigai – Netflix


Favorite Hot Springs Episodes

Most Popular Mahouka Characters

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3 Replies to “Episode 506: Danchigai no Italian”

  1. WOW. So, Young Red was…right? Considering that the cop (or as Red calls him, Retarded Asshole) ended up suspended for a year and demoted. Or was this the last straw for this guy, and Red’s encounter with him did him in?

    Anyway, a win’s a win: Red 1, Cop 0.

    So, Red, if Uber wont hire you, can you work for another service? The mustache company or whatever? There are 4 taxi apps out there, right?

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