Episode 508: Ooya-san wa Kyoshi

That’s it folks, Ryo is out of the game. This week on Anime Pulse we learn Red’s co-host is leaving, meaning if you’ve ever wanted to be the co-host on a semi-successful anime podcast well now is the time! Aside from this shocking bit of news, there is still the usual show. IRL news covering Ryo’s hectic lifestyle, and Red’s thoughts on the most recent Pirates movie. Then there’s industry news about Sanrio Boys and Japan amending their constitution, swiftly followed by reviews of very young landlords and really bad anime.

Remember, if you wish to be the next co-host, give the ending to this show a listening to and get in contact with Red via the comments or by emailing him.

Show Notes


Intro – “shining sky” by every♥ing from Ooya-san wa Shishunki!

Outro – “DREAMIN by Tokyo Performance Doll from Denpa Kyōshi


Ooya-san wa Shishunki! – Download Now

Denpa Kyōshi – Burn It


Sanrio Boys Anime

Women in JSDF

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7 Replies to “Episode 508: Ooya-san wa Kyoshi”

  1. Well that’s a shame. Been listening to you guys for a while now and you make for a great duo, I think. Totally get why Ryo’s leaving though- Anyway, wish Ryo the best of luck with life and Red the best of luck with keeping the podcast going.

  2. Salutations,

    It was mentioned in a previous episode but I would be interested in being a guest host if there are any positions open. No hard feelings otherwise and keep doing what you’re doing. I also wish Ryo the best of luck in her future endeavors!


    1. Just finished listening to this episode, to clarify on the last comment I’d also be interested in applying to be the new co-host if that spot is available. I’d suggest being a guest first so that we can take that as a trial to see if we gel well and I’d be happy to move forward from there if that works.

      Thanks again.

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