Episode 510: Overlord Euphonium

Round 1 of the Anime Pulse co-host selections have begun, our first participant is Adrien from Belgium. After introducing himself and giving us his life story till now, Joseph picks up IRL news and tells us about his opinions on Wonder Woman. Then is Industry news where we talk about the idol industry in Japan, and the financial problems that animators in the industry face. Ans last but not least are the reviews, Joseph having fun in the virtual world of Overlord and Adrien playing us a tune of Hibike! Euphonium.

Show Notes


Intro – “Dream Solister” by True from Sound! Euphonium

Outro“L.L.L” by Myth & Roid from Overlord


Overlord – Download Now

Sound! Euphonium – Download Now


Anime Industry’s Financial Problems

Idol’s Mom Caught with Fan

Sound! Euphonium Movie

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4 Replies to “Episode 510: Overlord Euphonium”

  1. Hello to Adrien, first of all!

    I had the same issue, Red, with the villain. I didn’t care about him, because he showed up late and didn’t have much presence before that. They also should’ve had a different person play him before he was banished by Zeus.

    I don’t agree with you on the way Wonder Woman looks. First off, the original Wonder Woman looks basically like Gal Gadot. Even thinner than Gal Gadot! The point of Wonder Woman is not that she’s an Amazon, but that she’s an Amazon who was born in a very different set of circumstances, which made her different from the other Amazons.

    As you saw in the movie, her origin is that her father is actually a god, and she thought she was born out of clay, which is her original comic origin. In the land of comics and fantasy, it doesn’t matter what you look like physically if you have superhuman strength. I think it’s rare that Wonder Woman actually looks buff. She’s always taller than most men.

    If you’re interested in more Wonder Woman, maybe you’d be interested in the Justice League show from a decade+ ago, or the WW animated movie, which was only a few years back, and also had Ares as a villain.

    OH, you didn’t mention that you slammed the door on the cop’s arm! That makes the arrest a little different, dude. That changes the story a little bit. It sounded to me that you just walked away because you didn’t know better.

    1. Let me correct you, I did not slam it on his arm. I slammed it to close the door, and the cop shoved his arm in to stop it from closing. He hurt himself by entering my home illegally, as he did not have a warrant or permission to enter.

      There’s no defending the cop, he was just an asshole who owed our neighbors a favor. As my father found out later when our neighbor’s landlord told us. And he got angry when he hurt himself, so I got arrested.

      The end.

  2. Feedback for the Co-host Tenkaichi Budokai: I reckon Adrien did a really good job on this. His life story along with the exchanges with Joseph painted a clear picture of the kind of anime fan he is and why he’d suit the show. Unlike the concerns he raised about hoping he was understandable throughout the podcast I have to say I had no problems getting what he was saying. Most importantly still is I get the sense from how knowledgable he presents himself to be, that he is passionate about anime, which is the most important part.

    Great show overall and I’d happy to hear more from Adrien should he get selected.

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