Episode 519: The Disastrous Object

Ho boy, we got a long one for you this week folks. A lengthy review of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. from Andrew taking the cake, with Joseph’s review of Heavy Object tailing along behind. First things first though, IRL news of Andrew catching more Pokemon and Joseph’s first really bad customer experience. However the largest share of this episode goes to Industry News, with topics covering the thoughts from the Death Note creators on the new Live Action adaptation and how the voice actress for a major female protagonist in Food Wars! won’t be in the third season.

Show Notes


Intro – “Never Gave Up” by ALL OFF from Heavy Object

Outro“Psi desu – I Like You” by Denpagumi.inc. from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.


The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. – Download Now

Heavy Object – Crackers


Death Note Creators on Live Action Death Note

Death March Anime

Summer 2017 Anime to Keep Watching

Food Wars! Actress for Erina Drops Out

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6 Replies to “Episode 519: The Disastrous Object”

  1. Hey guys at Anime-Pulse and shows.

    Daniel “TimeChaser” Brown, a former host with Ichigo. Has passed away from kidney failure on Wednesday, August 16th 2017 from complications due to kidney failure.

    He was a big part of the community on TheOtaku.com and a dear friend. I thought I should share the news with you, since he was part of your community as well.

    Keep up the good work

    1. Oh man… I came over here to talk about Five Guys and then I read this. This is so sad. I always liked chatting with TC on the forums about books and Doctor Who and whatever other nerdy thing was current. He seemed like a genuinely pleasant, decent person. Though I haven’t spoken to him for a long time I’ll always remember him fondly as a good podcast host and a cool internet friend.

  2. Saiyuki is the OTHER anime that’s based on Journey to the West. I watched the first series of it, but it just kept going, and going, and going…

    Basically, it’s basically the monkey king like he is in Journey (more or less) Then you have the monk character, who is badassified and all gritty. You also have the pig and the fallen god character- and all 4 of them look like pretty boys. Can you guess why this series has lasted so long?

    Anyway, I watched the first episode, and I wouldn’t recommend it. The show feels like it’s gone nowhere. It actually looks like it was made in the year I last watched it, which was about a decade ago.

    The death of that Shimoneta actress stunned me. It was lucky for the production that she survived to do a whole season. I think it would be weird to hear someone else play that character.

  3. For the record, all the Five Guys’ I’ve been to in the states have all had the obligatory heap of peanuts for snacking. It’s a greasy burger joint, but soooo good. Not an everyday indulgence. I love their fries – they remind me of my mom’s homemade fries.

    1. I have a Five Guys not too far away. It actually replaced the place I worked at (knowledge was the only thing being fed there are the time). I had to check it out, because I heard good things about it. I like the style of it. It feels more mom and pop due to the design, and yeah, LOTS of peanuts.

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