Script 2 Script 12: Timgetsconfusedwhatshowitis

Many don’t know the origins of Tim the Enchanter, but when he was a child, he attended his Ceremony of Twelve and received his title and role; The Rager. Despite what the name means to those of low caliber, it is an important profession. He spent years listening to those around him discuss how wonderful the new Taylor Swift album is, the brilliance of Dean Kuntz, how nothing will ever compare to the romance and thrill of seeing “Twilight” in theaters. It festered in him, growing every day until he was able to bring his gift to the masses through podcasts, spewing forth reviews on manga, movies, and books, tearing them apart in vicious diatribes until he was spent.

His latest gift he brings, along with Vanessa, is Lois Lowry’s novel and the 2014 movie, “The Giver”. For some reason, Hollywood was really interested in doing a dystopian young adult film. Buckle down for a review of another decent book that a studio tried to twist into a forced and unnecessary romance where Katie Holmes has found her perfect role as an emotionless housewife.

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