Episode 530: Fall 2017 Previews #3

Well it’s still not an hour, but at least it’s not two. This week we got another episode of previews for the Fall 2017 season, with three shows up for display. But first Andrew reports from London where he attended his first big anime convention, and then Joseph tells us of his continuing good fortune at his job. Industry news see Joseph talk about what anime character would make a good prime minister of Japan, and Andrew brings the horror in with Sony acquiring the rights to Funimation. As for the previews, Andrew has people killing each other for a wish and more cute girls doing cute things, and Joseph talks about a man without a little sister.

Show Notes


Intro – “Rapture” by Panorama Panama Town from Juni Taisen

Outro – “Donna Hoshizora yori mo, Donna Omoide yori mo” by Aira Yūki from Imōto Sae Ireba Ii


Juni Taisen

Imōto Sae Ireba Ii

Blend S


Anime Character to be Prime Minister of Japan

Funimation Acquires Sony

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7 Replies to “Episode 530: Fall 2017 Previews #3”

  1. Glad to hear you had a good first impression of Juuni Taisen. It really is a neat little action thriller thing. Fortunately for you they delve into Chicken’s backstory and character pretty early on and believe you me when I say she was chosen to participate for a reason. That and death by pecking is horrific. You’ll see.

    Anyway, constructive (hopefully) feedback time! Andrew, I think you need to slow your impressions down a bit. You’re going through them at a breakneck pace that makes it kinda hard to follow along sometimes. In addition, you seem to be reading off a pre-written script, which really kills some of the fun of hearing a genuine, personal impression. I’d suggest switching from a complete script model to writing down key aspects that you wanna mention and making a more spontaneous impression/review.

    With that said I don’t personally mind a longer format (though I know I’m not the only viewer, so take my opinion for what it’s worth.) so no need to rush through things just to keep to an hour an episode. I don’t see it doing anything but harm.

    Hope you don’t mind me providing feedback every now and again. I’m an artist, so I’ve got this insatiable need for feedback on my work and that sort of extends to providing feedback for others.


    PS. Joe, it’s “ireba ii” not “ireba li”. Double I’s, not an I and an L. I blame the latin alphabet for the confusion. Someone needs to invent a better capital I/lower case L.

  2. Hurrah, chicken all the way!! Excited to see what yer talking about.

    That’s all really good insight to know in terms of how I do impressions. I often fear not having enough to say or in the case of my reviews, not justifying my stances on whether I thought something was bad and especially when I thought something was good. So I tend to, over-prepare.

    Good advice, I will try to apply what you’ve said more to anime I cover in the future. Yeah this weeks episode needing to be short was because of me, I was an hour late to the recording due to daylight savings in the UK so we had to keep it as close to an hour as possible.

    Oh I don’t mind at all man. In fact I encourage it greatly, especially when I can improve somewhere. Thank you for taking the time to send any feedback, I appreciate it more than you know!


    P.S As a fellow Artist having graduated art school, that’s a very good approach to have on feedback. It’s the best form of help a creator can provide really.

  3. Well then, glad I could help! It’s kinda hard to judge sometimes if I’m actually being of any help or if I’m coming off as a whingey git. Looking forward to hearing you try out new ways to do your anime coverage bits!

    Oho, a fellow artist, eh? Awesome! Is there someplace I could go to have a look at what you’ve done? =D


    1. Ah never worry about coming off that way, at least with me. You need to care enough about something to whinge about it at all which is something I can appreciate. The motive behind it, which is so that I can do better is also much appreciated. Yeah just keep in mind that these are posted a week after now, so you won’t see a sign of that sort of change in the next episode, maybe the one after.

      It’s not been updated in a while but some of my work is up here:

      Thanks for showing interest.


      1. That’s looking more structures and professional than anything I’ve ever done. I’m a self-taught artist without any kind of formal degree, so I’m way less structured in my projects.
        Just going to drop a link to my deviantart account here if you’re curious. It’s a bit of a mixed bag and is very irregularly updated, but I’ve got some recent stuff of characters from Made in Abyss that I’m pretty pleased with, so hey.

        And with that I’ll try and not get more off-topic. I’m glad my feedback’s appreciated, have a swell day. xD


        1. Ah self-taught, good on you. It means you are the truly passionate sort. Having a quick glance, nice work by the way. Your line work is very well done and your coloring has come a really long way looking back! ‘Winds in Abyss’ is REALLY good!

          Yup yup, you have a good one as well. Drop a message anytime. 😉


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