Popcorn Pulse 77: The Last Jed

The whole internet is talking about it. It’s the big budget movie that has ignited thousands of pointless think pieces on the internet. No other recent movie has been surrounded by such controversy as Pitch Perfect 3. Or it could be Star Wars The Last Jedi.

We have quite a bit to say about the thing. Tim complains about the bombers they use in place of the canonical Y-Wings. Wetall, and the greater internet, complains about arcing lasers in space. Weird sub plots, bad characterization, and tension killing jokes abound. Though if you’re anything like our live listener Algazero, skip to the forty two minute mark to miss out on spoilers.

Weltall then talks about Letterkenny. A Canadian comedy series set in a small town of the show’s namesake in Ontario. As such there’s trouble to be had from hicks, druggies and hockey players. Loads of rapid fire banter and jokes earned Weltall’s admiration.

Tim then talks about something but failed to write it down. As such, we’re going to insult his car and maybe next time he’ll bother to make notes so we can put down an appropriate description. The Tercel looks like it was designed by a Japanese engineer who was trying to get to pachinko so he could avoid talking to his distant wife and his anime pillow humping son. He focused all his snuffed aspirations into the clay model, determined to spread the misery around by cramming the occupants into as small a space as possible. In fact, Tercel in Japanese means “salaryman suicide car”. He could own something newer, but that would mean letting a few shekels out of the prison he calls his bank account. Tim would rather keep a car older than Al Gore’s presidential aspirations chugging along and insist it’s “just fine” as body panels attempt to escape through oxidation.

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