Episode 565: Erased Lesson

This week on Anime Pulse Joseph talks about how he saved the life of a turtle and is now on vacation, while Andrew mentions that he has moved to London and brings up the community forum thread about your favorite animal in anime. Then industry news comes about with topics like Stu Levy stirring ire with Anime Expo artists, and the director of Full Metal Alchemist hates on the current anime scene. And finally the hybrid show comes back with Joseph previewing an older anime about Mamas, and Andrew talks about boy who can travel back in time when he has unpleasant experiences.

Show Notes


Intro – “DragonBall-Z Tapion Melody” by ikiratv from Royalty Free Anime Music

Outro“Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri from Paris from Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase


Erased – Netflix

Happy Lesson


Andrew’s Doki Doki Adventure Final

FMA Director Criticizes Current Anime Line Up

Doki Doki Blamed for Suicide

Artists Throw Shade over Stu Levy Appearance

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9 Replies to “Episode 565: Erased Lesson”

  1. Since I don’t get to watch NEARLY as much anime as I might like, I seem to only end up watching like one series a season, if that. Erased was one of those back in 2016 – which I watched on Hulu as it came out – and I was really quite pleased with it! Though I agree with Andrew, that ending was pretty saccharin – I wish they had made it a bit less so. I think at the time I described it as “like The Butterfly Effect, but with 100% less Ashton Kutcher, and also in Japan.” Did it really come off as trying to be a “smart” show? It struck me as just a suspense/drama. I don’t often indulge in the mystery genre, partly because I’m not great at figuring them out – then I feel stupid for not having figured them out. The simpler, more watch-and-see type suit me better; so Erased was A-OK in my book.

    Sidenote – you guys had me suppressing giggles at episodes end with the “would you rather” of mom vs. sister as a survival partner. Bigger sh*ts indeed. lol!

    1. I’ve never heard anything described as ‘saccharin’, I assume that means ‘sappy’ or something? As for the ‘trying to be smart thing’. In re-watching it was the general vibe I got admittedly because of the nature of genre I saw it as (mystery) coupled with those long monologues you get from Satoru. When there’s plot elements like an ‘unknown killer’ or ‘time travel’ I tend to want to use my brain more to figure stuff out but you may have a point that it’s more of a suspense/drama than anything else. Still I did agree with you by the end, that if you take it as a passive watch then it’s decent enough.

      Yeah that’s the second week in a row that subject as well as shit came up. We could probably stand to tone it down. lol

      Thanks for the comment.

      Andrew Chan

      1. Erased isn’t trying to be smart because there’s one mystery, and it doesn’t take that much to figure out who the killer is. If it was any more obvious, there would be giant, Looney Tunesesque giant illuminated arrows pointing to the only suspect.

        I think the final confrontation between hero and villan was BS, and I think that’s the typical reaction to it. It would’ve been better if it wasn’t so coordinated.

        You know what tried to be smart? Terror in Resonance. You know what else tries to be smart? ANY show that breaks out the chess board. Ugh!

        1. Yeah I agree it’s telegraphed though there’s that one scene (the first car ride to keep it spoiler free) where the it almost seems like the writers know how obvious it is and are trying to throw you for a loop. But yeah perhaps I’m giving it too much credit.

          I’m a bit mix, I think it the final confrontation was better than how the Netflix version (apparently more loyal to the manga) did it. My big issue is just how it resolves.

          Oh really? Never seen it though it got a Download Now here, care to elaborate on why that anime was. Also any key examples of that Chess Board trope?


          1. The chess trope usually happens like this:

            On of the earliest appearances of the villain has them sitting by a chess board. Another villain may be sitting with them, too. The chess pieces, obviously, represent the characters in the story, and the villain at the chess board symbolizes the antagonist being in control

            A variation of this is when the ant. and pro. are sitting together at a chess board, symbolizing the mind game between them.

            Terror in Resonance literally had a villain who created a chess puzzle for the “terrorists” to solve, while they were in an airport . I forget how it went, but it wasn’t exactly a mindbending riddle

  2. So this ‘Chess Trope’ as we’ll refer to it is shorthand that the creators are trying to make their story appear smart?

      1. Sure I understand that. Bringing it back, in essence it’s not too different to why I viewed Erased that way. Not so much through tropes (though a time travelling element often makes me want to think) but mostly through it’s tone.

        Question though, can you think of any actually intelligent shows that use the Chess or Quotes thing?


        1. Not off the top of my head. I forget the name of the show (“Classroom of the Eite,” maybe?) but they had interesting quotes, even though it was hack.
          Caligula also did alright with quotes, but it feels like it had little to do with the show

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