Manga Pulse 384: DevilDevilDevil Man

Something’s happened. We seem to have some sort of fever and lightheadedness. Accompanied by the smell of sulfur and an acrid smokey smell. No, Tim’s mother hasn’t appeared within a pentacle. We’ve caught the fever of Amon and he’s contagious.

Tim has Devilman vs Hades. It turns out the author of Devilman also did a series called Mazinger Z and features the greek Hades. Set right after the events of Devilman, Amon goes into the underworld to retrieve the soul of his girlfriend and kills Persephone. This sends all the human souls back to earth and royally pisses off Hades. In spite of the bugnuts premise and mashup, it earns a Crackers. Though it would probably benefit from familiarity of both series.

Because it was sent to us, probably right as we were selecting it at the bookstore, Weltall has Devilman Grimoire. Weltall’s read is very similar to Tim’s. A lot of fun with familiar demon faces we’ve all known and watched eat strangers for fun and profit. They get to appear once more and try to fight Amon one more time. Maybe he was tainted by Tim’s review or he’s just tired the hell out. As such it gets a Crackers.

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