Episode 583: Devil’s Kanrinin-san

This week on anime pulse, we greatly reduce the time we spend, or Joseph spends, on IRL news. Quickly covering how Joseph has been working overtime and deciding on who to bake this year for Christmas, and Andrew is also working hard at his new job and the community section. Industry news sees topics like the first magical boy to be a main cast member in Precure, and GiTS gets a new anime announced. And the reviews round things off with Andrew making out with vampires, and Joseph longing for his younger days of being molested by older women.

Show Notes


Outro“Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri from Paris from Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase


Sunohara-Sō no Kanrinin-san – Download Now

Devil’s Line – Netflix


Percure’s First Magical Boy

Senran Kagura Hesitant on Sexual Content

New Ghost in the Shell Anime Announced

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3 Replies to “Episode 583: Devil’s Kanrinin-san”

  1. Aah yes, Devil’s Line… I actually kinda liked the first episode. It had enough interesting stuff going on that I wanted to keep on watching. But by episode 3 it became obvious that Tsukasa was barely even a character and that Anzai couldn’t carry the show by himself, so I dropped it, but kept my eyes and ears open in case I heard word of things picking up and getting better. Aaaand then I stumbled upon a screencap of Tsukasa having been captured by some bad guys. Made it pretty clear to me that, no, it doesn’t get better, and Tsukasa remains a feckless, useless damsel in distress. Such a shame. You could’ve been cool Devil’s Line, you could’ve been cool…


  2. Anyone who doesn’t at least consider Shizuo/Izaya must also think that the current season of JoJo’s is 100% hetero and manly.


    IS Naoto from P5 actually a trap? As far as clothing goes, her outfit is gender neutral. Why does Joey give her a thumbs down, but a boy in a dress makes sense? I think trap such an odd term. Too bad no one came up with a better one for anime characters. Naoto dresses the way she does because of insecurity, not primarily to “fool” anyone, but to be taken seriously by any sexists in the police force.

    You guys were talking about people who are too quick to cry foul, and Joey brought up a woman suing because she spilled hot coffee on herself. This seems to have stuck in the heads of a lot of people of our generation. There was a documentary made about this case. It wasn’t just some woman complaining. She got coffee hot enough to burn her skin down to the bone, so um, sometimes suing is not just someone whining. Sometimes it has serious validity. I’m not saying that all the whining about language on social media has validity. Most of that crap is just “Gotcha! ” attacks.

    1. Yeah, the hot coffee thing has consistently gotten eyerolls since it first occurred – “oh, lady didn’t expect hot coffee to be hot and spilled it on herself, what a dummy.” The bigger point of the suit was that coffee should not be served at temps capable of giving 3rd degree burns in 3-7 seconds (180-190F as required by serve manuals) and that hundreds of people had been burned over the years but McDonald’s had done nothing to mitigate the risk of injury, not even the basic “contents hot!” warning which you now probably see.

      Even if the temp has not changed, the case has become something of a cautionary tale about hot beverages in general, which it would not have done without the notoriety it carries.

      Link to case info: https://www.caoc.org/?pg=facts

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