Episode 589: Winter 2019 Previews #2

We’re into our second week of previews, and this time each host has a theme. Joseph is all about that love, and Andrew is all about that child abuse. Of course before they get to the previews, they discuss their IRL news as Joseph celebrates the termination of a bad employee and Andrew is excited about most of the hosts joining Discord. Then the industry news is up with topics like how the latest Dragon Ball movie is at the top of the Japanese charts, and the announcement that the Darling in the Franxx manga will differ from the anime. And finally the previews wrap us up, with Joseph battling love and pee and Andrew calling child protection services on demons.

Show Notes


Intro – “Japanese Style Trap Beat” by Annex from Royalty Free Anime Music

Outro“Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri from Paris from Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase


Ueno-san wa Bukiyō

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai

Yakusoku no Neverland

Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!


Darling in the Franxx Manga Divergence

Fate/Grand Order Anime Open to Non-Players

DBS: Broly Movie Makes Bank

Choking Sasuke Meme Confuses Japan

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5 Replies to “Episode 589: Winter 2019 Previews #2”

  1. I just realized that “kaguya sama love is war” is the official title of the anime. I thought that I was losing my marbles cause I’ve been referring to the series as “kaguya sama wants to be confessed to” ever since the manga started getting translated. However, I looked up the translation of the title from other sources and have confirmed that it does translate to what I have been calling it. This reminds me of another series “erased” whose Japanese title “boku dake ga Inai machi” definitely does not translate to a single English word. I wonder what’s up with these translations and who decides what these translations end up as?

  2. omg Joseph’s story just reminded me of past employment woes, but in an alternate direction.

    He mentioned it’s a family business – I worked for 2 family businesses, and fortunately the first one was not too bad. But the other place… I was the only full time non-family member on a staff of 4 (there was sort of a part-time non-family person involved). And 2 of the family people were the half-ass employees, who showed up late, didn’t do their jobs well, messed about on the job, and were unprofessional. But were they fired? Hell no! They were the owner’s sisters. The owner was a sleaze too, though, so, no surprise there.

    TL;DR, at-will employment (no unions involved) means employers can just let you go for any or no reason, and family businesses will do the same, especially to ones whose attitudes don’t fit the company culture – except maybe if you’re part of the family. >:(

  3. YES! BATTLE ROYALE HAS A LIVE ACTION! Sorry, am I too loud? BR is mostly why we have all these damn games where people drop out of planes and a circle closes in on them.

    I can tell that joey would not like the movie, because the Manga is extremely gory, but all the movie has is implied sex. The action is still good, but no ultra gore.

    I remember reading a bit of Battle Royale, and it was jaw-dropping. What the manga does not have is Beat Takeshi, and he is AWESOME in the film.

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