Popcorn Pulse 103: Moron Gate

Bibliophiles don’t usually make the list of top candidates for most exciting job. We’re pretty sure that they’re ranked just below the people who muck out the stables for for Mel Gibson. Which means we must have a movie centered on just that. The Ninth Gate 1999, staring Johnny Depp before he started mistaking hat and makeup for acting.

Depp plays a rather unscrupulous book finder who swipes valuable books when appraising collections. A rich man contacts him because Depp is supposed to be good at finding books and verifying authenticity. Depp is tasked with examining three copies of a book maybe written by the devil. This is in between getting knocked out like a guard by Solid Snake on a pacifist play through .

Weltall attempts something a little different by reviewing various Bug out Bags and Preppers who live on Youtube. There’s nothing quite like watching someone talk about packing in five days of food and water along with firestarter supplies on the off chance the entire infrastructure of civilization gives out while they’re at work and have to trek home from the office.

Morons From Outer Space(1985). What would happen if dry English comedy was merged in a horrible accident at the gene factory along with cheesy eighties American comedy? You’d probably end up with something like Morons From Outer Space. It does its best to take a premise which Douglas Adams shat out and rejected after a bender, aliens driving around space crash land on earth but they’re dumb, and forgets why it exists. And of course it drops references to other, better, movies about aliens because Mcfarlane isn’t the person to invent that crutch.

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