Episode 606: Girly Air no Katachi

The spring previews are over, meaning Anime Pulse returns to their regularly scheduled reviews. First up IRL news comes at you with Joseph wrapping up his time on Borderlands GOTY edition, and Andrew wants to know what anime have you warmed up to over time. Afterwards the industry news is full up of fake copyright strikes, disappointed manga authors, and Akira Toriyama being knighted in France. And finally the two wrap up with reviews, with Joseph failing to take off in a living plane and Andrew confessing his love to a girl who can’t hear him.

Show Notes


Intro – “Japanese Style Trap Beat” by Annex from Royalty Free Anime Music

Outro“Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri from Paris from Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase


Girly Air Force – Netflix

Koe no Katachi – Download Now


Dragonball Creator Knighted

Overlord Creator Disappointed by Fan Translations

ANN Upset Over False Copyright Strike

Manga Entertainment Acquired by Funimation

Cross Pulse Episode 3

Cross Pulse Episode 4

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2 Replies to “Episode 606: Girly Air no Katachi”

  1. Ooh, Silent Voice. I haven’t watched the movie but I do own the manga and it was quite good, though they ended up focusing way more on the movie-making plot thread than I really cared for. I’d rather it had gone in a bit of a different direction, but ah well. Great story nonetheless.
    And a fun tidbit about the movie: They apparently cast a deaf voice actress for the role of Shoko in the english dub, which is a cool way to make her character more authentic.

  2. I should ammend my previous comments. ANN is super liberal, no doubt. I think they’re even more galvanized by our current president, and the supershitstorm that is tied to

    BTW, If Sankaku Complex is ever treated as a reliable news source over ANN, I’ll eat my friggin hat. If ANN are the libtards, Sankaku are the neo facists.

    OK, so let’s talk about Catherine: Full Bodied. I’m reading that what changed in the game is that a transgendered character is respected as the new name she chose, rather than her name when she was a male.

    There is also an editing out of transphobic words. OK, so I guess people want the new edition to stay “pure” or whatever, but is your game experience going to be crushed because a trans woman wasn’t called a slur? That’s what you’re missing out on? I get it, I get it: “slippery slope,” “principal of the thing”

    I don’t have that big of an issue with this. If someone creates a product, and they decide to make changes to it, they have the right to. Self censorship is not the monster than self censorship is. I don’t get the feeling that Sega was pressured or threatened to make these changes, so I’m not really concerned about these changes. Being a little more sensitive to a certain segment of the consumer base; EWW, how gross! [SARCASM]

    If you want to talk about the actual dangers of self censorship, let’s talk about the 4Kids changes to One Piece.

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