Manga Pulse 400: Many Hundreds

Shockingly, somehow, we’ve made if to four hundred episodes. Nearly eight hundred manga reviewed. Hundreds of emails read and dismissed. As it’s definitely a milestone you’d think we would have planned something special to celebrate it. If you’ve listened to us for any length of time then you know we barely remember to show up. So the episode number was a complete surprise to us.

Tim’s manga Kashikoi Ken Lilienthal stars two kids with terminal manga parent syndrome and a magic dog. The kids get a letter from their parents telling them to go to their airport to pick up their new brother. The dog, the titular Lilienthal is waiting and introduces himself as their new sibling. On the bus ride home, weird things begin manifesting as Lilithenal has strange powers he can’t control. It’s a slow moving mostly screwball kids comedy that has a few jokes that land well getting it a Borders.

Weltall revisits Oh Lord Jesus. When last we left off, the girl was in a coma and the protagonist was pointedly ignoring her. Things are shaken up when the main character suffers a head injury and the girl snaps out of her coma. Now she is able to see and speak with ghosts. And the mop wielding weirdo who was a pleasant gag begins to become a more solid player. It keeps its Crackers rating.

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