Manga Pulse 402: Street Captain

There’s something infinitely charming about the predictions of the future made in the distant past in science fiction. Particularly when they didn’t bother to cast that far ahead in the date of their fictional world. Take Blade Runner, for example, depicting Los Angeles as a dark, shadowy, dystopian world of flying cars and pyramids. When in reality that more accurately describes modern day Las Vegas.

Tim’s manga, Captain Commando is one of those. Written in the early nineties it is set in the far off year of twenty twenty six. In the fictional world of Metro City, nestled between Mega City Two and Neo-Tokyo, where crime is rampant. Until a millionaire electronics CEO dons the cyber fist to do battle with criminals whose abilities are far above normal men. It gets a Crackers.

Weltall then tackles another request sent in via post. Street Fighter Legends – Sakura. This is one of those mangas that would ostensibly appeal to someone who found the vague back story of characters shown at the end of player versus AI fighting games to be emaciated. This should lend itself to a rich opportunity to expand the lore of a well respected fighting franchise. While it has excellent art the story is dull and sorely lacks the titular Sakura for much of it. This lands on the pile of Burn It.

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2 Replies to “Manga Pulse 402: Street Captain”

  1. With regards to the comment (at ~53:00) about my response to Ep. 398, and continuing from my response to Weltall’s response: The time codes in that episode are from about 41:29 to 41:49.

    During Weltall’s rant on Google’s excuse of their ‘Algorithm’, Tim said:
    “I honestly think at Google HQ there’s just an Apple box with an iPad that’s called ‘Algorithm” and that’s what they point the finger at … They’re like, ‘The Algorithm’ did it! And the iPad is just like its programmed to have like a little animation where it hits itself with a hammer going ‘Ow! Ow! Ow!’ Like BAD ALGORITHM! Don’t do that!”

    Silly sh*t, of course, made even more silly by mentioning Apple at all. You can blame the alcohol, sure. But there it is.

    1. Oh, and I need some of what you two are imbibing, for times like when I find myself going through a show’s recording for the _second_ time, looking for time codes.

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