Manga Pulse 405: Scarlet Monster

Today we have requests. The kind where people so much want to see us in pain they physically package up some manga and ship it across the wider states to our PO box. This means that we have no choice but to tackle this as soon as possible unlike the requests where we’re merely sent the title, though we still accept those as well.

Tim’s assigned homework is The Scarlet Letter. Yes, the classic novel which is such a well loved book it’s assigned reading in school making kids everywhere hate it. It’s a manga-ized adaptation of the story with a few scant manga elements to spice it up. Those are so few and far between it might as well not be present. It’s one of the few times we’d recommend you just read the book as the manga gets a Burn It.

Weltall has Tomodachi X Monster. A rather late parody of the pocket monster genre that adds humor and gore. Our protagonist get a sperm monster and is challenged to battle by a girl who is then slain by another. It has enough humor to give it a Crackers. Also knowing that the series is only three volumes long doesn’t hurt either.

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