Manga Pulse 408: Zelda Again…

We’re back with more requests and we’ve been given some more video game adaptations in a series we’ve already done a number of. Tim has Zelda – The Minish Cap and Phantom Hourglass. Having actually played the Minish Cap, Time has a bit of insight into the game story. It’s faithful and does well by skipping over the tedium that wouldn’t translate into a manga. The same volume covers the events of the Phantom Hourglass. It’s fun and lighthearted enough to enjoy with or without having played either game earning it a Crackers

Weltall then covers the volume for Zelda – Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. It adds one character that’s not in the game, a chick named Piyoko. Link rides off to take a knights challenge and runs into performers. When a girl asks him to dance, therefore causing Links Awakening, he runs off to hide his mastersword in the woods. Where he runs into the villain of this game and manga, general Onox. There’s the usual run through the elemental themed temples leading up to the clash with the big boss, Onox, who turns into dragon. Weltall’s otherwise unfamiliar with the story and gives it a Borders for presentation.

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