Manga Pulse 418: Last Devil

Pairs of manga inbound. Everyone duck and mind the review shrapnel. Once it’s clear, we’ll go over the wall and take the next doujin.

Tim has A Devil and Her Love Song. Transfer student, Maria Kawai, sounds like a weeb self insert. She shows up to a school and is immediately disliked because she has resting antagonist face. This isn’t helped by the fact she’s kind of mean and bitchy to classmates. Luckily two boys hear her singing Ave Maria and befriend her. Like a murmured hymn in a stuffy church, it will put you to sleep. Borders.

Weltall has The Last Human. It’s the zombie apocalypse which must means any given Wednesday in a manga. Zuo is a survivor who has turned himself into a cardio master who carves through the undead like hot wire through butter. Even so, Zuo dies. What truly surprises him is waking up ten years before armed with the knowledge of a survivor but without the armament or physical conditioning. Now he’s out to stop the apocalypse from happening. Crackers.

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