Popcorn Pulse 128: Me Super

Who likes chicken? All you who didn’t raise your hands are welcome to sit out and sign petitions for the rights of fruit flies. The rest of us can gather in solidarity and rail against Morgan Spurlock’s latest attempt to cash in on the fifteen minutes of fame he had years ago. Yes, we dual reviewed and are talking about Super Size Me 2[2017].

Tim then talks about Bonfire of the Vanities(1990). Based on a book, Tom Hanks is a stock trader having an affair. His mistress takes a wrong turn and kills two people in the poorer part of New York. This sets off a political quagmire when multiple people attempt to use the tragedy for their gain. All while stoking racial tensions and using Hanks who would rather not go to prison.

Weltall has Ford Vs Ferrari[2019]. It’s about the time Henry Ford jr commissioned a team to take on beat Ferrari who was a reigning champion at the Le Mans. It definitely takes a few liberties and dramatizes a bit as movies do. It’s well worth a watch even if you’re not particularly into car or racing.

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