Manga Pulse 424: Boring Signal

You’ve tuned into a manga show and have a coupon for buy one, get one review free.

Tim has Denpa Kyoushi. Kagami is a lazy graduate genius who spends all his time watching and rating anime. He’s directionless util his sister forces him to apply to a school as a teacher. The annoying tropes of being such a genius that it hurts to watch him. Live. Luckily he gets fired but only to be hired by a genius school for stupid reasons. Burn It with piss and fire the ashes.

Weltall has Signal 100. A class of students have successfully browbeaten a teacher into being so meek and pathetic that they do whatever they wish during class time. This causes him to snap though and learn hypnosis, program the kids with a hundred rules, and leap to his death. They quickly discover that the first rule is you don’t talk about hypnosis to anyone outside the group. Violating the rules causes suicide and homicide triggers in their programming. It’s a tense path of discovery and suspense which gets Read It Now.

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