Manga Pulse 426: Domestic Candy

A double dip special coming right up. Oh, I’m sorry. We’re all out of Neapolitan right now. Have a couple of manga scoops instead.

Tim has Domestic Na Kanojo. Natsuo is a loser who’s always sad. Luckily some random girl at a mixer takes him to her place so they can lose their virginity. He heads home wondering why he doesn’t feel different to find his dad excited to announce he’s remarrying. Natsuo’s new mom happens to have two daughters. One being the teacher he’s crushing on and the second being the girl he just had sex with. Prepare for shenanigans as it gets a Read It Now.

Weltall has Candy & Cigarettes. Grandpa Watanabe is retired but needs money for his grandson’s medication. Or maybe it was a new puppy. He ends up secretly working for a girl as a sort of bodyguard to attack the yakuza or something similar. It’s a little bland but fine, earning it a Borders

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