Popcorn Pulse 132: No Daddy

Would Nic Cage kill his kids for money? That’s the question the movie attempts to answer in Mom and Dad[2017]. Selma Blair and Cage are parents in a Californian suburb. Their kids suck and they both dream of their youth now wasted. Then something happens where modern TVs start generating static and parents start killing their kids. It goes nowhere and attempts to be far too clever while not exploring the symbolism or the scifi aspect.

Tim has Knowing[2009]. What happens when someone discovers a series of number that were written down in the fifties predict disasters. Nic Cage finds these and is desperately searching for the series as they end soon. Also aliens and his kid starts writing more numbers and no one gives a tin shit. This is the kind of movie that was written high and only enjoyed drunk.

Weltall has Angel Heart(1987). Mickey Rourke plays Harry Angel who takes a case to find someone for the devil. Oh wait, you’re not supposed to know that De Niro, playing Louis Cyfer, is the devil until later. The writers were just too clever by half though and we ruined it. Also, Harry is the guy the devil is looking for. Crap, now the whole thing is toast.

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