Script 2 Script 27: Blood and Chocolate

Pining after an artsy boy, hating your family, hair where there was no hair before, and turning into a monster once a month all sounds like your average teen girl, werewolf…or both!  That’s right, before True Blood and Twilight there was “Blood and Chocolate” by Annette Curtis Klause adapted by MGM is a mad cash grab to get that sweet money from horny suburban moms and their daughters in 2007.

A young werewo-ahem, sorry, lupe garu named Vivian falls for the human (fuck)boi Aiden but must fight her family’s disdain and her horny instincts.  Will love prevail?  Will people be eaten?  Will stupid unnecessary changes be made in the hopes that the teens that watch it swoon and feel their own “beast” rise?  I mean, the setting, character’s ages, overall plot, and the ending don’t have to perfectly align, otherwise you’d just read the book and reading is for people that can’t get any tail (furry or otherwise).

So have a listen to Tim and Vanessa discuss the many difference between the source material and the movie, where Vanessa tries in vain to convince Tim that the book actually isn’t that bad.  Will our heroine succeed?  Find out in this episode!

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