Manga Pulse 449: Skeleton Tiddies

How many manga do we have in store? Take the number of tentacles an octopus has. Then divide it in half. Yeah, now repeat that last operation. Through the mathic powers, you’ve just derived that we have two manga for our reviewing pleasure.

Tim has Skeleton Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon. We begin with nameless Skelly watching his sexy succubus mistress getting killed by adventurers who’ve gotten to the end of the dungeon. He’s sad and disappointed but at least he’ll be reunited with her once they kill him. Or not as he wakes up twenty years prior being raised by a young necromancer. Also he can see his stats have been inherited while his level was reset. It gets a Crackers in spite of the tired RPG info screen appearing.

Weltall continues his foray into manga based solely on the presence of tiddie with Monster Musume. That’s right, the monstergirl harem. It’s a world where there are monster girls who are allowed to live in our world in an exchange program. But also, it’s very not legal for them to have sex with humans. It’s almost tempting to our protagonist but they’re not related so he can’t get excited. And so Japan’s birth rate continues to fall. Poor Shinzo Abe’s dream goes unfulfilled. Burn It.

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