Manga Pulse 451: Rare Hell

Inside of this show are two wolves. One of them is a manga. The other is also a manga. This is actually a manga show in which we review them. And sometimes, just sometimes. We let a couple of wolves off the chain to go wild and tear them apart.

Tim has S Rare Soubi no Niau Kanojo. We have Mr Cheapass who is standard manga protagonist. Parents are away in another country, he’s taking care of his siblings and making his meager paycheck from working 7-11 go as far as possible. Until a neighbor/childhood friend gets him into a gacha game which summons a character from the world of the game. And she needs money to defeat monsters. It fully earns the Burn It rating.

Weltall has Love in Hell. Our protagonist is in hell where he has a personal demon. It turns out this version of hell you still need to eat. And the only way to earn a paycheck is to let the demons torture you so you can grab a bite at Arby’s. So he has to subject himself to punishment so he can get more tendies. Also, he has a boner for his succubus caretaker and it gets a Crackers.

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