Popcorn Pulse 158: House of Road

Like a B movie star with a latex allergy, Hollywood has spawned a whole bunch of illegitimate sequels to things that we once enjoyed. Yet we’ve so far been spared at least one wild move that epitomizes the decade it’s from. No, not Back to the Future. Ok, so the second eighties movies they haven’t yet stuck their silver nitrate poisoned cock into. We’re talking Road House(1989).

We found out a few of our usual listeners hadn’t seen this magical capsule of late eighties splooge. Patrick Swazye, hot off the heels of Dirty Dancing, is a bouncer. He gets hired to clean up a bar which runs him afoul of the local rich man. Something about bringing JC Penny and a photo developer into town. Which leads to bar fights and death.

Tim delves into a similarly named film which predates Road House, with Roadhouse 66(1984). Judge Reinhold is a yuppie traveling the country and nearly runs into Wilem Dafoe. The Green Goblin looks slightly less like a weathered catchers mitt. They roll into a town and scuffle with the local bully. This means they beat him in the local race for some reason.

Weltall has Season of the Witch[2011]. Nic Cage and Ron Perlman are crusaders who go to war in the east. After twenty years, they finally get disillusioned with the whole thing when they stab a pretty woman. So they head back, pickup an accused witch and escort her to an abbey. Where it turns out she’s really possessed by a demon.

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