Manga Pulse 454: Game of Malice

Thank you for waiting, we’ve had a lot of calls this morning. We’re a little short staffed as it is. Cost cutting procedures, you know how it goes. So, describe your symptoms to me again. Hmm. Yes, I see.

It seems we’ve got another case of Abovus Cannus. For cases of, what you might call Updog, we recommend a double dose of manga reviews.

Start with Tim and My Dearest Self with Malice Aforethought. What happens when you go to college, get blackout drunk, and wake up three days later with a girlfriend? You shut up and enjoy it. Ignore the bloody bat and large pile of case sitting in your closet. Though you might start getting suspicious when you lose another four days and your girlfriend says you’ve already taken her virginity. It gets a Crackers and will get another visit.

Dose two by Weltall is I have No Game No Life, Please! It should be administered almost immediately following the first to ensure full recovery. It’s about someone who thinks saying please is cute or polite. And apparently is something of a poor translation as they replaced desu with please. This makes the protagonist more annoying and drives Weltall to create a portal into the manga|verse so he can kill it with fire. Burn It.

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