Popcorn Pulse 163: Trouble bout Nothin

Like a loudmouth wandering into a monks cloister we’ve got Nothing but Trouble(1991). Imagine you’re a Hollywood producer in the last of the eighties. Dan Akroyd had been part of an immensely successful pair of movies in Ghostbusters and he pitches you a movie. Based on a traffic stop he once had. You snort enough coke to buy Pablo Escobar two more hippos and a green light that with your powder packin’ pecker then proceed to call up your favorite hooker.

Dan plays an old county judge with the nose of a penis who charges Chevy Chase for running a stop sign. The punishment is to marry mute John Candy in drag. Demi Moore befriends diaper wearing mutants who work at a junkyard forge. Meanwhile a pair of Brazilians leave and take policeman John Candy on a vacation. None of this is made up and it’s far more complicated than this excerpt makes it seem.

Tim has Train to Busan[2016]. That’s right, the hit Korean film about a train and it’s desire to take one last high speed trip to the crystal beaches of Busan. Or it might be about a zombie outbreak that occurs while our protagonist is taking his daughter out to Busan and has to survive. No spoilers in here but the review itself is chock full. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s well worth a watch.

Weltall then has Vanishing on 7th Street[2007]. What happens when people start disappearing when the lights go out? First you blame Shikimaru, then you blame the scatman. But you also try to find yourself some light to keep them from taking you while you wait for the dawn. Hayden Christensen is what passes for a protagonist in this movie. We just want that out there as a warning, kind of like how California warns you that everything could cause cancer.

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  1. Boy oh boy, the audio was all messed up on this episode. Weltall’s audio was constantly skipping every few seconds or so once you hit the emails and solo movies. Tim’s audio wasn’t as bad, but it was still skipping at times. You were both way too quiet level wise the whole episode.

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