Manga Pulse 459: Unlucky Infection

What is new bussy cat? Whoa, whoa, whoa. What’s that? You’re sure about that? Well I’m sorry that I have trouble understanding Tom Jones. Or maybe I said it right and you’re just projecting. Have you ever considered that? Grab a glass of gin and relax.

Tim starts off with Infectee. Sukgyu is an average high school student. Not one that plays anime and watches video games but one that plays sports. He suddenly skips forward over his school trip where he was hoping to have one on one time with the school crush. He wakes up with a month missing, pictures on his phone showing him hanging out with people, and suddenly fourth place in the class. Also some students seem to keep running away. There’s quite a bit more here in the review and it gets a Crackers.

Weltall has Undead Unluck. We start off with a girl threatening suicide. She declares that she wanted to have a romantic love life but it won’t happen so she’s waiting for an isekai delivery truck. Out of the blue arrives a naked man who is unfazed by falling from the sky. He has regeneration powers and she has the power to remove people’s luck. A good thing for him as he’s hoping she can help him find a place to die. Pop it open yourself as it gets a Read It Now.

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