Popcorn Pulse 164: Crocs Undees

Oi, Skippy. Slip on your daks and check your breath. You don’t want to fail the blow in the bag or end up clipping someone elses grass. Else you’re not driving you can grab a frothy as we take a walk about in the merry land of Oz. That’s right, we’ve done the movie Crocodile Dundee(1986).

What happens when the local tourism board of Australia wants to promote their country as a destination for world travelers? Well you gather a bunch of people together and make a movie. Have Paul Hogan vaguely live out some stories of a local bush legend and then have him go to New York. That’s where all the set piece scenes everyone quoted in the early nineties came from. There may or may not be some sort of plot that’s not just, Paul Hogan wears a hat and uses some Aussie slang once in awhile.

Tim revisits Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Which you’ve probably seen at least once so you don’t need much or any of a recap. What you do need to know is that it’s on Prime with special features. Which should really be much more common. A who movies worth of extras which includes an interview from the late, great Hoskins.

Weltall then has Homefront[2013]. It’s Jason Statham because he’s apparently always working and there’s no way anyone has bothered to watch all his movies. Somehow, the cockney man is a DEA agent who retires to somewhere in middle-ish America. This is because he got a kid killed during a biker bust. Also known as complex cop backstory forty four with modifier seven.

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