Popcorn Pulse 167: Murder Dead

Ring ring, rookie. Scarf a pop tart and knock back a double cup of coffee. Night shift starts in fifteen minutes. No one cares if your work shirt hasn’t been laundered. Slather on some deodorant and hop on the bus. You’re going for a ride in Bringing out the Dead(1999).

We’re reaching back in the career of one Nic Cage. Back when his visage wasn’t on every straight to red box dvd film. Follow along as a burnt out paramedic works a three day weekend in New York City. Alongside Tom Sizemore’s insanity and his co-costar the baseball bat. Join us as we dig into why this Scorsese film just might be forgotten.

Weltall has Reacher[2022]. Because if there’s one thing the world needs is yet another Jack Reacher adaptation. If at first it doesn’t succeed, wait for Lee Child to burp out a syllable that could be an affirmative then cram one of the old books into a modern series. If you care, they at least cast a guy who’s tall and looks more the part.

Tim has Murderville[2022]. It’s an improvisational comedy show. Sort of. The idea is that everyone is scripted with the exception of the guest star. With the rest of the cast playing people in a police show about homicide. This leads to things like Conan O’Brien eating a sloppy joe swimming in hot sauce while questioning a waitress.

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