Popcorn Pulse 168: Bandit Smokes

Put your ears on and grow out the porn-stache. We’ve dipped into that hazy era known as the seventies. Who better to guide us all through that wild time than Burt Reynolds? Give him a pair of smoked aviators, a classic muscle car, a song written for a film and you’ve got a movie.

Thus we have the classic Smokey and the Bandit(1977). The plot is that a Texas oil baron and his son bet that Burt can’t get an order of Coors to them within twenty eight hours. Because there was once a time when that beer, now synonymous with terrible American beer, was hard to get in some states. Also it was illegal for some silly reason or another.

Weltall then has Yellowstone[2022]. The Costner show which is helping remind us that the house of mouse doesn’t own every damn thing. It’s about a ranch and the struggles thereof. Also someone clearly didn’t plan the budget out that well as they have a helicopter which only appears in season one. Then it gets called back to its home planet but dies on the way and no one mentions it ever again.

Tim talks about Task Master. Apparently he’s been watching UK television again whilst sipping crumpets and drinking tea. He probably puts the milk in before the tea like a heathen bastard. It’s a show about British(derogatory) comedians who gets tasks. Unless you’re a regular watcher of the “beeb” you probably won’t recognize most of them. Tim swears that the competition is for small stakes and this makes it more interesting. It’s hard to take him seriously in a powdered wig while bowing towards a decrepit queen.

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