Manga Pulse 465: Servant Seduction

Double double, review some trouble. Pickup two manga and prepare for scrungle. This is why you invest in a good rhyming dictionary and don’t rely on some weird website that’s user generated and maintained. Because then the porn bots get in there and muddle it all up with gibberish.

Tim has Servant X Service. Which is a brick of a manga that’s done in 4koma style. Unlike many of those we’ve reviewed, this has something of a plot. It’s about people working in the public service sector of Japan. It starts off with characters who are a bit one note and transitions into something of a office romance comedy. It gets a Crackers.

Weltall has 2.5 Dimensional Seduction. What happens when an anon has hypnotized himself into the 2D is superior to 3D meme. When suddenly a girl appears and starts the process of building him a harem? Or at least she’s the first brick in the harem wall. So now he has to decide if all those discord hypno sessions were truly worth the squeeze. It lands on Crackers.

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