Popcorn Pulse 172: Super Structure

Do you ever feel like you fell into a time warp? Wildly polarized politics? Inflation that’s riding a rocket sled? A Roland Emerich movie in the theater? What’s next, people talking about Jumanji? Yes, we’re doing Moonfall[2022].

That’s right, mister disaster porn himself has made a movie that no one heard about. It went, as we’ll call it in a couple of years, straight to theater. It had less marketing than a presidential wet fart in front of the pope and stinks just as bad. There’s a plot about nano-machine powered AI trying to smother the moon so it’ll kill humans because it failed to wipe out our ancient ancestors from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. In the skilled hands of a master storyteller, this could be interesting. Instead it’s being run by the guy who likes to watch aging Harvester International trucks outrun nuclear explosions.

Weltall has The Day the Earth Stood Still[2008]. The remake starring Keanu Reeves. He’s an alien who’s here to judge us for global warming or something. Just in case you thought Hollywood ever had a subtle bone in their collective bodies. So Jennifer Connelly has to drag Reeves around and prove that humans are capable of change and please don’t kill us.

Tim has The Most Dangerous Game(1932). Possibly the first film adaptation of the short story. It’s public domain so you can find it on YouTube if you’re bored. It’s a fascinating bit of history and worth a watch. Plus it predates the Hayes code.

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