Manga Pulse 468: Bully Days

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Tim has Please Don’t Bully Me Nagataro. What do you do when you’re a pathetic protagonist? You go to high school, have no friends, and draw your own manga. Then you get caught by a girl who sees how weak you are and teases you about drawing. And she starts to mess with your head by offering some reward for drawing her then laughing when he expects a kiss. Would you believe it jumps high enough to register as a Crackers.

Weltall then has Sakamoto Days. The titular Sakamoto is a fat old man who keeps busy slinging coffee and carding kids who try buying cigarettes. It turns out that Shin, a telepathic assassin, has been sent to kill Sakamoto, gets defeated, and becomes something of an understudy to the old man. Wacky shooting shenanigans ensue and puts this squarely in the realm of Borders.

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