Popcorn Pulse 173: Batspeak

What’s finally darker than the stool of someone with an ulcer? The Batman[2022]. We chose it because of feedback and funding from listeners like you! It also gave us an excuse to help maximize our SEO by picking something that’s up at the top of search terms. Weeks later.

Either way, the studio has listened to the fans. They’ve stopped making campy batmen which wear neon capes, invent new dances, and chase after a carpet coated sedan with whiskers. We get the dark and gritty Batman we’ve all been dying to seen. So dark that all the flashlights have become incandescent lights and Bats mumbles angrily from the shadows.

Speaking of dark Batmen, Weltall has Deep Water[2022]. Ben Affleck is a well to do man who’s wife is cheating on him. Ben corners the guy alone one night and threatens him and later the guy turns up dead. There’s a bit of red herring being dropped around until the movie gives in and shows Ben burying the body. Once it gives it, Ben is allowed to be a bit psycho as he tries to avoid being caught.

Tim then has Evilspeak(1981). The summary claims it’s about a student who uses a computer to invoke satanic magic to kill his classmates. It’s mostly about a young Clint Howard being awkward and stupid. Somehow he manages to scan a few pages of a devil book which then makes the computer demand ingredients to summon the devil. And it ends with Howard levitating as summoned swine savage his classmates and the school burns.

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