Popcorn Pulse 175: Joaqu Berg

Hey, is anyone here holden? Holden? Anyone? Ah, there you are. Mister Thurgood Q. Holden. I have a delivery for you if you’ll just sign here. And initial here. Then please write the date, month and day is fine, next to it. Yes, it’s June. I know. Halfway over and I can’t hardly believe it. Still feels like it was just the other day it was the new millennium.

What we have today is We Own the Night[2007]. The Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg movie about cops in the eighties. Joaquin is a nigh club owner and Wahlberg is the cop brother. They’re trying to bust Russians bringing in cocaine. Because eighties. Joaquin gets con. Ced to sort of help implicate a russo-mafia man. Being as he’s a bit of a wired idiot, this goes about as swimmingly as you might expect.

Weltall has Blacklight[2022]. Liam Neeson is Travis Block. His main antagonist? Phillip Smallcock. Smallcock is out to suck his dick with a vengeance because this is the future liberals want. Really makes you think huh? Or maybe he’s a former agent of some kind and he has to deal with his past. Luckily he has the assistance of jump cuts.

Tim has Highway to Hell(1991). It’s a somber warning about what happens when you try to elope with your girlfriend in a illegally borrowed pizza delivery Pinto. Your fiance to be gets kidnapped by a cop demon covered in scarification to be taken to hell as a bride of Satan. So you have to find an old coot who lends you his classic car, a sawed off shotgun, and a box of special shells. Then you go into hell and get he back.

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