Popcorn Pulse 178: Tim’s Audio Sucks

Have you ever just sat in a spaceship and wanted to drive? You know I was a Tesla Mars customer before I ever did ads. Even without the chip in by brains screaming at me to be loyal to the Emperor Musk. Even before all of that, Matthew McConaughey did other things. Like be the titular Joe in

Killer Joe[2011].

A nineties play which had spent quite a bit of of time floating through development hell. With all sorts of actors champing at the bit to land roles it finally got adapted with McConaughey as Joe. Broke family in a trailer park comes up with a plan to have a family member killed for the insurance money. So they hire a cop who moonlights as a murderer. Everything goes according to plan and everyone aside from the dead woman lives a full life afterwards.

Weltall then has The Swordsman[2020]. There are some swordsmen who are really good. Our protagonist is the best of the best and going blind. His daughter gets kidnapped and he has to go down to the local social security office himself. Maybe it’s just a cultural difference but a one eyed swordsman driving a Kia Soul down the sidewalk isn’t quite period drama appropriate.

Tim then has The Man With One Red Shoe(1985). A thrilling tale of an American virtuoso being swept up in the plans of two competing world powers. Tom Hanks delivers a powerful performance of a man who has to decide where his loyalties align. Can he reconcile his desire to perform before the world stage, win the heart of a soviet spy, and complete his composition while averting nuclear annihilation?

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