Manga Pulse 477: Girlfriend Executioner

It’s been convention time around here. That means plenty of overpriced snacks from the land of the rising sun. Oddball panels and events. Wide range of cosplay from off the rack to professional grade. It also means manga grab bags are up for sale. And at the end of the con, they’re at their cheapest and prime for review material.

Tim has Heavenly Executioner Chiwoo. Chiwoo is a little ruffian. A streetwise rapscallion. He gets in fights until one day a bounty hunter comes looking for him. He’s the sun of a famous executioner. When he find out his dad was infamous executioner, he goes some sort of super say-ecutioner and passes out when his uncle says executioners are actually agents of god. Which means he has to go off and find his dad’s sword and become an executioner. It gets a Burn It.

Weltall has Girlfriend, Girlfriend. Naoya is a bit of a limp rag protagonist in high school. Unlike most average protags, he has a girlfriend who’s very controlling. When another girl, who he likes more than his current girlfriend, confesses to him he’s a bit stuck. Until he suggests they both go and ask the girlfriend for permission to add the new girl to his dating pool. It also lands in the fire and deserves a Burn It.

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