Popcorn Pulse 182: Purple Hook

If you’ve had a subscription streaming service you’ve probably been advertised an original movie or two. And if you’ve been remotely curious, or drunk enough, you’ve tried watching one of these. Especially if the social media hype has gotten to you. Then you watched it and promptly forgot about it. Which is how Tim and Weltall became probably the last two people in the world to bother watching a Netflix original movie that came out months ago.

That’s right, we collected some Purple Hearts[2022]. It features a bar tender lady who has diabeetus and can afford her insulin. In spite of living in California where there’s state provided health insurance. She meets soldier boy who owes money to drug dealers and is off to Iraq. They hatch a plan to get fake married to take advantage of the additional benefits. They might fall in love contrary to their clashing politics.

Tim has Hook(1991). It’s a nineties movie where Robin Williams gets to be himself making a family movie. He plays a grown up Peter Pan who has to go back to Neverland when Hook kidnaps his kids. Hoffman has a lot of fun hamming it up as the titular Hook. Bob Hoskins gets to speak without a grufff American accent. And Julia Roberts gets to leave a lot of issues for kids to work through using Deviant Art years later.

Weltall has Top Gun: Maverick[2022]. Maverick is there and he’s still something of a boring, predictable card. Like the Old Maid if she showed up and lectured you about cleaning your oven every month. It’s an action movie where Maverick has to go out and fly to save the son of Goose. There are a couple of comparisons to Star Wars because everyone has made the reference. Plus Val Kilmer gets to cameo and collect a paycheck which is nice.

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