Manga Pulse 479: Giant Pumpkin

Gather up your rayon capes. Put on the elastic masks with the sharp mouth slot. And steal the classic Mickey D’s treat buckets from those obsessive collectors. It’s the spooky season and that means manga featuring all sorts of skellingtons and bones and all that autumn jazz. Or we might have just incidentally found manga that sort of fits by happenstance.

Tim has Pumpkin Night. A girl gets friended by someone in a pumpkin mask while home alone. Then she gets a threat of direct message. So far, normal for most of social media. Then a Amoozoon delivery shows up. With a knife in the head and a murderous schoolgirl in a pumpkin head mask behind him. She promptly slashes the girls eyes out and chasing her out into the street. It gets a Read It Now.

Wetall has Giant Ojou-sama. Do you remember Gigant? Giant lady fighting other giant things? Probably someone’s personal fetish material being worked out in real time? Yeah, this is like a crappy version of that. Fujido is some millionaire owner of vending machines in all of Japan. Her personal assistant gives her some potion that makes her turn giant. There’s no real titillation or story or anything exciting. Borders.

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