Popcorn Pulse 184: Let me see the Manager

It’s still October when we recorded this so we had to do something scary and spooky. What could be scarier than old memes turned into a movie? How about a direct to cable network movie on the BET network? Boo! Got you good you fuckers.

Yes, we have a movie based on a dead meme, Karen[2021]. Yes, there is a titular antagonist named Karen. She gets angry when our protagonists, an African-american couple, move in. Karen does a lot of things ripped directly from the headlines from the past couple of years. This culminates in a revolver sword fight that isn’t nearly as cool as written down.

Tim has The Manor[2021]. It’s a streaming original about a lady who has a stroke. As she’s recovering, she decides to put herself into a small retirement home. Things start to go sideways when her roommate starts going crazy and rants about an invisible plant man. Of course she starts to see this thing too while being told she has dementia.

Weltall has Old Henry[2021]. It’s about a farmer who gets involved with some very bad people. Unfortunately for them, Henry boy has a bit of a checkered past. Weltall doesn’t want to spoil it because the reveal is well worth it when you find out who he’s supposed to be. There are a bunch of clues throughout if you’re into history of the American West and might see it coming.

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