Manga Pulse 480: Olga’s Syrup

Hey there. Did you know that our episodes often come with reviews? Two of them, if you can believe it. You should believe it because we don’t lie. Unless we’re running for congress. Then we’re going to offer you blowjob robots that crap money. We like to pull out all the stops when we’re campaigning. Even if it makes the intersections far more dangerous.

Tim has Olgami. What do you do when you’re a sexy taxi driver in Korea? You drive assholes around and try not to yell at the customers. Life gets pretty boring until you run into a vampire at your church who may be eating people. Even worse when he knows you know and demands you drop off some random victims once a week. It gets a Crackers.

Weltall has Shiro madoushi syrup-san. It’s standard fantasy manga setting where there’s guilds and heroes and garbage. Syrup is some sort of healer who distracts everyone around her because she’s stacked higher than a librarian who’s sorting their tomes. This is the only joke this manga has and gets ground down to a fine paste. This earns it a Burn It.

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