Popcorn Pulse 185: Strange Man

It’s still season of the spookiness when we recorded, on Halloween no less. The spirit of Tim Burton’s Hot Topic merchandise was strong with us. Which compelled us to do one last joint watch of a horror movie. This one from a couple of years ago about a supernatural house where a child ends up possessed. That doesn’t really narrow it down to anything though. We did Winchester[2018].

If you’ve ever read anything about Americana or hauntings, you’ve probably come across the Winchester house. Built by the heir to the Winchester fortune, it’s remarked for odd architecture. Perfect for a horror movie where Sara Winchester channels ghosts who describe the room they were killed in so she can build a copy and then talk to them which brings them peace somehow. Unfortunately for her newphew, the spirit of an angry confederate soldier blames her family for the death of his brothers during the civil war. Possibly because Lincoln was already dead and Grant was too drunk to care about a ghost.

Tim then has When A Stranger Calls(1979). A movie responsible for a huge number of memes and references. Most notably that “the calls are coming from inside the house” and “have you checked on the children”. It turns out, that part is only about twenty minutes or so. The rest is following the killer of the children who escaped an asylum and runs around threatening worn out barfly women.

Weltall has A Man for All Seasons(1966). A movie based on a play about Sir Thomas More prior to the split between England and the Catholic church. A story as old as time. King marries woman. Woman doesn’t birth any sons. King wants to leave woman and try another like he’s switching claw machines. The Church says no so the King has the stodgy minister put on trial for not bending god’s laws to fit his desire.

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