Manga Pulse 485: Slayer Hime

How many demons can disco on the head of an angry flea? We’re going to isolate a flea and trap it in a summoning circle and find out. Oh shit. It turns out Himalayan sea salt only makes the demons angry. Now they’re busy revising HOA rules and running for PTA boards. Well, at least we’ve got manga to talk about.

So let’s do a sequel with Tim and YashaHime. You remember Inuyasha right? Well twenty years later, and authored by someone else under Takahashi’s permission, there’s a girl. She’s some sort of protagonist who whines about her eyes being different and fighting ghosts. Then a portal opens up and pulls her into the world of Inuyasha and we find out she’s the daughter of Sesshomaru. He developed anime parent disease and fucked off to somewhere. It gets a Borders.

Weltall has Demon Slayer. Tanjiro lives out the country in Japan during the Taisho era. Demons attack his family and infect his sister with demon cooties. A demon slayer swings by and kills the others but stops at Tanjiro’s sister. He says there’s nothing to be done about her but maybe someone else could cure her. The only way Tanjiro will find out is by becoming a Demon Slayer himself and beating it out of demons. It gets a Crackers.

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