Popcorn Pulse 190: Dead Beer

Hey, I can hear the music that you’re listening to down there. Knock three times on the ceiling if you want a review. Was that a thump or a shout? Either way, we’re interpreting that as a sign to go forward with a couple of movie reviews. We kick off with a movie from the same people that can’t stop making the same phone over and over, The Greatest Beer Run Ever[2022].

It’s based on a true story about a dude from New York. He was friends with some guys who were out in Vietnam during the war. He makes a drunken boast that he’d run beer out to his friends to lift their spirits. And he actually does it and did so. Russel Crowe is second billed and doesn’t really show up enough to warrant his presence on the poster.

Tim has one from the box, Dead Sea[2014]. The cover suggests it’s about a monster in a lake that eats people. The movie isn’t sure if it’s about a local sacrifice that needs to be made. Or if there’s a weirdo murderer who saw his dad feed himself to the monster. Or a marine biologist who makes peace with her dad years after her.

Weltall then has a Korean movie, also from the box, The Coast Guard[2002]. Our main guy is living the dream and serving his conscription. He guards a beach that no one may step on under any circumstances. This results in him killing a drunken couple who stumble over at night. He then goes crazy and his girlfriend runs off to have sex with everyone. It’s a whole mess that ends with no one happy and half of the cast crazy like a Greek tragedy.

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